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Four easy steps to a successful blog

October 17, 2010 Leave a comment

School Yard Taunts 2010 Joke Picture Blogs are one of the most effective social-media tools. Once you’ve established your audience, here are four easy steps to a successful blog:

1. Grab attention: Focus on things like your heading and the first line of your post. These are what grab your readers and convince them your blog is worth reading.

2. Build interest: Give your reader what they are looking for quickly. Use key ideas that they will be able to transfer to their situation and experience.

3. Create desire: The best part about a blog is that it is ongoing; you can keep adding to it and feed your audience’s hunger. Keep them wanting more, and give them more! Think about value-added posts.

4. See the action: This is where readers give feedback, in the form of comments or purchases, and is the final step in making your blog a success. To encourage users to comment, ask questions, use giveaways and competitions as incentive to post or Tweet about your blog, and don’t forget to keep them coming back by keeping them engaged.

Bonus (this is the value-added bit!):

In addition to the four steps above, commonly known as AIDA, it is sometimes useful to develop an Attract-Engage-Retain strategy:

1. Attract: Know your audience and provide a service to them (that’s your purpose!).

2. Engage: Ask questions of your audience. Get them to post comments or participate in other ways such as Tweeting about your blog.

3. Retain: Keep them coming back by replying to their comments, and adapting your style as needed to keep in the interests of your audience.

Happy blogging and remember, if at first you do not succeed — keep posting!