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InterNETWORKING poetry

October 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter—to name a few,

Are these users my friends, or do I just have nothing better to do?

Facebook is my weakness, but I’ll tell you a tale,

It’s not only for downtime; sometimes good work does prevail.

Her assignment was due in only an hour,

And my poor friend Carrie was not feeling in power.

She couldn’t get her template for ENGL401 to update,

And just went it seemed like her grade would be left to fate…

She sent me a message; I happened to check,

And we Facebook chatted until she was out of her wreck!

Now email is fine, but I don’t know about you,

When time is an issue only online chat will do!

So even though it’s mostly a procrastinator’s fix,

Social networking can be a useful part of your daily mix.

Happy networking, everyone! 🙂