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Stata help

February 23, 2011 Leave a comment

As part of my data analysis for my honours thesis I’ve had to use Stata. Having learned EViews over the past two years didn’t help at all, except when it came to looking for answers! I found this Queen’s University guide to Stata by Mike Abbott:

Here is a breakdown of the tutorials to help you find which tutorial you need for that pesky Stata problem!

Tutorial 1Getting Started with Stata

Tutorial 2Introduction to Selected Stata Commands

Tutorial 3The Basics of OLS Estimation in Stata

Tutorial 4Generating and Graphing Predicted Values and Residuals After OLS Estimation

Tutorial 5Hypothesis Testing of Individual Regression Coefficients: Two-Tail t-tests, Two-Tail F-tests, and One-Tail t-tests

Tutorial 6Functional Form and Variable Re-scaling in Simple Linear Regression Models

Tutorial 7Estimation and Hypothesis Testing in Multiple Linear Regression Models

Tutorial 8Using Dummy Variable Regressors to Test for Coefficient Differences in Multiple Linear Regression Models

Hopefully these tutorials will help get you going!